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What is fine dust?

And why is it dangerous?

Fine dust is a small particle of 10 micrometers (㎛) or less floating in the air and is divided into fine dust and ultra-fine dust according to its diameter. The reason why the size of fine dust is important is that even if the small particles themselves are not toxic, they are very small. is.

Fine dust concentration in major cities around the world

The average ultrafine dust (PM2.5) concentration for the same period was also at 12 micrograms (㎛)/m3 in LA and London and 12.6 microams (㎛)/m3 in Tokyo, more than twice as high in Seoul as 26 micrograms. Considering that it is Am (㎛)/㎥, it can be seen that the level of fine dust pollution in Seoul is more serious than that of major cities in developed countries.

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