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    uces**** ★★★★★

    It was expensive, so I hesitated a little, but I bought it because I was exercising with fast walking. It has a motor which makes it usable even at the time of short of breath and it is lighter than you think! The shape of the real product is ok to me and it’s strong, therefore, I am happy with it~

    • # Available for use when commuting / in health center

      Disposable mask is hard to buy and it is discarded after use, therefore, the price wasn't quite as good. I was looking for a product that could be used semi-permanently and found AIRPROM. It was whole new world! It's good to be used when commuting. When walking or exercising in the park, the general mask is uncomfortable to breathe. I like this product because it is easy to breathe and lighter than I thought~~

    • # Patients vulnerable to viruses

      I was worried a lot because of Corona 19 and so on, so I bought it as a gift for my parents. There are lots of questions about the performance of disposable masks. Ha-ha, I thought I'd buy it. My parents are satisfied, and I have used it a few times, and I think it is okay. I am using this with me. It is a product that is more comfortable and satisfying than expected.

    • # Dusty work environment

      As I worked in the interior area, I am encountered a lot of opportunities to drink dust, and my bronchus was getting worse. I use it because it looks fine to be used during work, and it is light, so I use it whenwalking or for everyday life^^. As it is a semi-permanent product, the price seems to be rather cheap and I have decided to try to use it steadily.

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