Download the AIRPROM2 user manual

AIRPROM air cleaning mask is ergonomically designed to
fit perfectly to the shape of the face and is comfortable.


A new type of mask
that never existed before

  • Ergonomic design of AIRPROM air cleaning mask ensures close contact with the face and boasts comfortable fit and powerful effect. It is a product equipped with a high-performance motor and filter that are invisible when worn. Due to that design, it can be worn in everyday life without difficulty.

    In addition, the ultra-light weight of 148g minimizes neck fatigue, and it is comfortable to wear for a long time because it does not irritate the skin bythe use of neoprene strap.

The ergonomic design allows for perfect fit and size adjustment without any gap,
so both men and women can wear
Clean and simple design can be worn without problems in everyday life


AIRPROM product composition