AIRPROM air cleaning mask uses 100% proven HEPA filter,
eco-friendly neoprene material and low noise high performance motor.

99.979% blocking power

Lightweight and outstanding
technology of Hepa Filter

  • By using a certified H13 grade hepa filter, it blocks 99.979% of harmful substances and infectious source of particles of over 0.3 micrometers such as fine dustyellow sand, and protects the respiratory system comfortably and safely.

    Ergonomically designed face mask silicone without gaps with the face, It perfectly closes and blocks fine substances completely.

Complement the
shortcomings of KF94 and 99!

3 levels of air injection amount

  • To solve the choking phenomenon of KF94,99, the controller can be adjusted to allow 3 level air injections. It is more convenient because appropriate amount of air injection can be selected according to the user and situation.

  • With its ergonomic design,
    Perfect match with the face flexion
    Perfect adhesion

    The face mask silicone adheres perfectly to the face without any gap. Completely blocks fine substances. The neoprene straps fixed together do not irritate the skin. As it wraps around the head, it is comfortable to wear for a long time.

  • 18,600RPM
    High performance low noise motor

    Equipped with 18,600rpm high performance low noise motor, Fresh air is provided continuously. By the use of the mask which makes continuous air supply that can be adjusted to three levels, there is no accumulation of moisture from sweat or glasses, so you can enjoy comfortable breath.

  • Equipped with
    the high-performance semiconductors
    that last longer

    The high-performance semiconductor installed in the air injection regulator generates little heat and noise even after long-time use and does not cause malfunction easily, therefore, long-term use is possible and it becomes more economical.


The longer the mask is used
the more economical it becomes.